Intermediate Hiking

Intermediate Hiking

Let Canadian Rockies Alpine take you to the next level safely and scenically

In this renowned UNESCO World Heritage site and our famous Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, the higher you go the bigger the view. 

The big park hikes were originally animal game trails later humanized by guides and their clients over a century ago. Use by horses more than a 100 years ago and modern park management have both contributed to a world class trail network for your Canadian Rockies Alpine adventure.

Each of our Canadian Rocky Mountain Park regions has a number of day hiking trails that are considered THE Classics of the area. With our guides in the field full time, we know how the seasons run and can change from year to year. Your time is limited; let us guide you to the good stuff.

Wildlife is our SPECIALITY!

Trips can be modified for ability, fitness and TIME! (i.e. half day options are available)

Half day guided hike (up to 4 hours) @ $80 per person (2 minimum) plus G.S.T. 
Full day guided hikes (up to 8 hours) @ $180 per person (2 minimum) plus G.S.T. 

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Private, Multi-Day and Custom corporate outings are available upon request.

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